Below you will find administrative resources for MIECHV providers.

Questions?  Contact Stacey McKeever.


Quarterly Reports and Program Plan

Send Quarterly Reports and Program Plans to Ebony Hoskin.

Policies & Procedures and Program Monitoring

MIECHV programs periodically undergo an On-Site Program Quality Review conducted by DHS staff and Maternal Child Health Nurses.

Questions about program monitoring can be directed to Kathy Staten.

Fiscal Forms

Submit Fiscal Forms to Ebony Hoskin and Stacey McKeever.




  • 4P’s Plus©
    • 4P’s Plus© assessments are offered in English and Spanish.
    • Instructions for Sending Completed 4P’s Plus© Forms: OECD asks that all programs in Illinois using the 4P’s Plus© follow these directions to send unidentified completed 4P’s Plus© to the Children’s Research Triangle so they can provide the state with a full report on 4P’s Plus© To view past reports click here.
    • For more information about 4P’s Plus©, please click here.
  • Coordinated Intake Assessment Tool (CIAT): This is the intake tool that all Illinois MIECHV communities must use when recruiting participants. Non-MIECHV programs are permitted to use it as well. For more information about this tool and its use, please contact Katherine Staten at
  • Relationship Assessment Tool: This is the MIECHV required intimate partner violence (IPV) assessment tool, and it is available in English and Spanish. To learn more about screening for IPV, please click here.
  • Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS): This is the MIECHV required depression screening tool, and it is available in English and Spanish. For more information about maternal depression, please click here.

Provider Calls

Provider calls will be scheduled in September and March.  The next call is Thursday, September 6th from 10-1130am.

Materials from the April 2018 call can be found April 2018 Fiscal Provider Call.

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