Below you will find administrative resources for MIECHV providers.

Questions?  Contact Lesley Schwartz.

Program Monitoring

MIECHV programs periodically undergo an On-Site Program Quality Review.  Fiscal review is conducted by DHS staff.  Home visiting program review is conducted by Erikson Institute.  Coordinated intake program review is conducted by Kathy Staten.

Questions about program monitoring can be directed to Kathy Staten.

On-Site Program Quality Review Forms:


Home Visiting Monitoring Resources

Coordinated Intake Monitoring Resources

Fiscal Monitoring Resources

Required and Recommended Trainings for MIECHV Home Visiting Staff

Fiscal Forms

Submit Fiscal Forms to Ebony Hoskin and Stacey McKeever.


Provider Calls

Provider calls will be scheduled in September and March.  The next call will be a mid-year fiscal and programmatic check in call with program and fiscal leadership.  These will be held in January & February 2019.

Provider Call Notes:

September 2019 Provider Call Slides

April 2019 Provider Call

September 2018 Provider Call

April 2018 Fiscal Provider Call

IL MIECHV Newsletter

We are pleased to present the IL MIECHV Newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading about your fellow co-worker experience and tips on self-care.

As always if you any stories or highlights about your work and practices, please let us know. Please send correspondence with Subject Line: Newsletter Stories “[Your Organization]” to Karen Jenkins at

Volume 1

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3